Chicago Trip – Day 1

Back in June, we took a trip to Chicago. It was so fun! I loved Chicago! It’s like a cleaner version of New York! There was so much to do there! Shopping, museums, parks, tours, basbeall…Food! They have amaaaaazzzing food there. You could literally eat whatever you wanted all day long, every day for a year, at a new place every meal and still not get through everything you wanted. I think that might have been my favorite part. It was either crazy hot or freezing though. I never knew what to wear everyday. That’s the only part I didn’t like.

Anyway, so I’m finally around to posting about it! The first day we did the Architectural boat tour where they take you down the river and show you all of the buildings and talk about how and when they were built and tell you a little bit about the history. It was actually really fun and I highly recommend that you do this if you ever go out there. They give you snacks and drinks and you just get to ride down the river for about an hour and a half so it’s not too long. Also, the guide we had was pretty funny.

By the river, walking from our tour over to the Navy Pier.

The Navy Pier was our next stop. This is where World’s Fair is. They have a bunch of food places and a bunch of rides and fun things to see. This is another stop you should do! We ate lunch here and took a ride on the ferris wheel.

On the pier.

Riding the Ferris Wheel.

View from the top.

View from the top of the Hancock Building. So much better than the Empire State Building, because there was not the huge line! Haha, but don’t get me wrong, because both are awesome! It was really neat to see the whole city from way up on top.

This night we didn’t have any baseball games so we went out for a fabulous steak dinner…check out how big Jake’s steak is. Chicago is known for it’s steaks. I wish I could remember the name of where we went!

We seriously walked all over the place, but it’s kind of good because we ate tons! I like walking around because you get to see so much. I was already in love with Chicago after the first day! My new favorite city!

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