Chicago Trip – Day 4

Today was mostly a baseball day, since it was a day game and don’t you worry, I had my fill of hot dogs and nachos for lunch! Yum yum yum!

How cute are these old men playing music outside of the stadium?

Jake’s favorite player, Justin Verlander, pitched today so he was really excited to see him play. Tigers win again! Also, I should probably explain that this was the main point of the trip. The tigers were playing the Cubs, which doesn’t happen every much because of the different leagues or something, so Jake was like let’s go see the Tigers play and see Wrigley at the same time and make a trip out of it, etc. The tigers are his favorite team, if you haven’t figured that out yet :). But I was really excited because I ended up loving Chicago. I would totally go back!

Up on top of the stadium at one of the food areas.

Jake sitting in the “cursed” Bartman seat…look up the story…something about why the Cubs haven’t won a World Series in forever…I watched a show about it with him once. Kinda interesting.

The rest of the evening we walked around the city and saw a few more things. We ate at this great place that our friend, Burk, told us about downtown called Volare. It’s a little Italian place, and it was amazing! It’s another must go. The bread was sooooo good. I could not stop eating it, but I wanted room for my food! Also, add meatballs to whatever you get as a side, even if it doesn’t make sense because they were also so good. I also highly recommend the ravioli! And request to sit on their patio!

I had to go to bed so early because I was getting so exhausted from the trip and I had to wake up at like 3 for my flight the next morning.

I seriously am in love with Chicago. I totally want to go again to visit some more sites and to go shopping! I didn’t get to do a lot because there wasn’t much time and boys don’t really have too much patience for that sort of thing. Plus I think I was just so focused on eating that I wouldn’t have been able to try anything on and have it fit normally! Haha, but really they have just as good of shopping as New York and I wish I had been able to partake! Also, they have great places to go out at night and great shows. So next time Chicago be ready for my money and I want to see one of your shows! (not that you didn’t steal enough of it already haha)

Kale’s present when we got home…yeah it’s the cubs, but he needed something from Chicago right? The cubby bear is on it!

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