Choosing a Facial

Recently I have developed a love for facials. They can be the most painful or relaxing thing on the planet! But either way you feel AMAZING afterwards, not to mention look amazing if you get a good one.

However, sometimes picking the right one can be confusing. Especially if you don’t know what you wanted in the first place. It might seem like you’re going in for surgery or ordering food right? Well here are some tips to remember when considering your options! Trust me, you’ll love your facial and thank me later!

– Know the basics: A “classic” facial typically involves cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, a mask, and a moisturizer. These are great for anyone with normal to dry skin. Extractions are safe for most people, as long as the aesthetician first uses steam to soften the pores and covers her fingers with gauze! They do pinch, but if the pain is too much you can tell them to stop.

– Treat it right: For acne, many lotions in the “classic” facial may cause a breakout. Look for a facial that has the words “clarifying” or “purifying” in it; This usually means that it is designing to help out with acne or acne-prone skin. It should include a cleanser with salicylic acid, a clay mask, and a lactic acid peel. Watch out for scrubs, which may irritate your acne and cause scarring.

– Get a Glow: To help with aging, pick a facial with lots of exfoliation. This will help with fine lines. Glycolic, lactic, and enzyme peels all help get rid of that gross layer of dead skin that covers your pores, making them look larger and that makes wrinkles look deeper. If you want help with dull skin, try a facial that uses a mild peel and has brightening ingredients like vitamin C or kojic acid.

– Splurge on the RIGHT things: Facials can get expensive and some treatments can sound a little bit ridiculous. Caviar? Gold dust? Do they really help? Usually those are just gimmicks. Here are a few “extras” that actually work. LED facials (that use red and blue lights) DO actually kill the bacteria and help heal acne. Red-and-white-light treatments stimulate collagen production and don’t require recovery time!

From my experience, I LOVE getting extraction facials, because you come out looking a little beat up right after, but my face looks glowing the next day! It’s amazing. I’ll suffer through the pain for glowing skin 🙂 Sometimes it’s great just to go in for a relaxing facial too though. It’s like a fabulous massage on your face and head!

*some tips from Allure Magazine

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