Christmas 2012!

Our Christmas was a little bit interesting this year. My brother, Adam, is a police officer and is on a training schedule, so he had to go into work around 6 this morning. Because of that, we had a fun dinner for Christmas Eve (tamales and crab legs!!!) and Adam opened all of his gifts. It was almost like we had two Christmases.

Adam opening his gifts.

My brothers, Adam and Taylor, and our dog, Tika.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

So Christmas morning, we were minus one, but my mom made us some fantastic blueberry pancakes. I guess I should get used to this since we’re all getting older and who knows how many Christmases we will all be in the same place. It’s sort of weird to wake up at 9:30, get ready, eat breakfast, and not open presents until around 11 or so. Weird, but nice at the same time since there are no crazy kids up at 6 in the morning! I do sort of miss it though.

Tika eating her Christmas present this year.

I got to talk to Kale and Jake on facetime and he told me all about his presents. Miss that little guy.

Later my mom made a whole turkey dinner and I ate until I was going to burst. So good! It was a great Christmas!

I hope you all had a great day too! Merry Christmas!

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