Christmas Eve Eve

I got into Cali at about 11 last night. My parents picked me up and we had some food and treats, talked for a while, hung out with my brothers, and then I headed to bed with my little friend, Tika (my dog). I miss her so much so she slept in my bed with me lol.
Today my body decided to be wide awake at 7 am…granted that is 8 o’clock Utah time, but still I thought I would sleep in since I’m on vacation, but no…so I decided that I would wake up everyone else so I would have someone to hang out with. Let’s just say jumping on all the members’ of my family’s beds at 7 am was not very much appreciated. I may or may not have given my parents heart attacks and Adam threatened to shoot me with one of his guns, which are easily accessible seeing as he leaves them out all over his room…psycho. (He is a police officer, not some crazy…for verification…if that counts for any).
This would be my dad dressed up in his awesome spandex outfit for his bike ride. He decided to “dance” and I took blackmail pictures 🙂

Later my dad and I went to his office where he cleaned my teeth, and then we ran some errands.
We picked up my mom and Taylor, had lunch, and headed up for a shopping trip. Made a bunch of stops and ended up at the mall…where I will say my mom and I made out pretty good.
– Ann Taylor – 50% off entire store
– Loft – 40% off entire store
– Banana Republic – 40% off sale, of which basically the entire store is about 50% off already
– Anthropologie – 50% off sale
– Bath and Body – coupons galore
– Coldwater Creek (mom’s store) – 50% off entire store
etc etc
Anyway, as you can see below I’m pretty sure my dad was not super amused. He is definitely dead asleep in the middle of the store, which could be a result of me waking him up at 7 am, but I’m going to pretend it’s not seeing as that’s normally when he gets up for work anyway.

Next we headed to CPK for din din, a few more shops, and home for the last installment of Harry Potter!
Note: this is my brothers’ bathroom…ummm how many products do two boys of age 16 and 22 need? That is WAY more than I own…

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