CMA Awards 2011 – Co-Host Carrie Underwood

Carried Underwood co-hosted the CMA’s this year with Brad Paisley…and I love both of them.
In true me fashion, I had to post about her outfits, because its my favorite thing to do. 🙂

This is the outfit she wore on the red carpet…it’s probably my favorite of the night. She looks amazing. And I just love a good sparkly dress. Plus, gold and her…perfect.

The next few outfits…I’m not so sure about. This color is pretty on her, but I don’t like much else about it. The bow/poof thing coming off to the side is just weird. Would have been better if they had just left that off.

This one is just a little weird. It looks like a wedding mini dress.

This isn’t bad, just not my favorite.

Hate this, but her legs look amazing. I do kind of like the shoes.

This one makes me want to dance around in it. She looks so gorgeous, I can’t get over it.

I’m pretty sure she looks good in any color.

I really liked this dress too. It fits her personality so well I think. I would LOVE to wear this dress. She’s like a little princess.

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