I hate when people tell you “if it’s supposed to work out, then it will work out”.
I know that seems contradictory to my post below. I love that quote from Gossip Girl below, mostly because I just want Chuck and Blair to get back together. And because it gives you hope. But in real life it never seems to. It’s just an excuse to make you feel better about what’s happening and to let you down easy, because when it doesn’t work out you’re supposed to say, it wasn’t meant to be and something better will happen. Well how do you really know? When someone else’s actions or decisions change yours, how do you really know that it wasn’t supposed to be right? It’s just hard when you’re in that situation. I guess that’s why everything is better in hindsight. Who knows, maybe it will work out. Maybe I will feel better later, but right now I just don’t.
I guess I’ll just keep hoping that this so called advice is true…

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