I had a rough day…let’s just say there’s a reason I decided to post about this article that I read in Women’s Health a little while ago. I decided to post a part of it.

“Well, I think its time we reclaim our right to cry.
A good cry is a purging of sorts – it unburdens me of all the mental baggage I’ve been lugging around town. Crying often gives me clarity I need to make a big, important decision and I can count on it to put me in touch with my empathy for other people. It’s the steam valve on my emotional teakettle.
And as it turns out, there’s a scientific basis to what I’ve always innately known: Crying has valuable mental and physical benefits. Tears banish stress hormones such as cortisol as well as other toxins that accumulate when we feel stressed, says Judith Orloff, MD. ‘Crying is our natural, built-in healing system,’ she explains. ‘It can release stress and tension.’ I was so happy to hear this validating news that I almost – you got it – cried.
Showing emotion and vulnerability can bring you closer to people – strangers, friends, family, members, romantic partners, and most important, yourself. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from other species. It’s what makes us human. It’s what makes us real.”
– Andrea Buchanan

I think sometimes women are looked at as weak or “emotional” for crying, but we are built differently. Sometimes that is just how you have to deal with things so that you don’t explode! (However for me, I’m usually at the point of exploding when I’m to the point of crying haha). I’m not saying that it’s ok to cry all the time, because there are definitely times you should hold it in, but there are times you just need to let it out. Sometimes it just feels better afterwards.
So have a good cry…I did today, and while it didn’t fix things it made me feel a little better afterwards.

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