DIY Jewelry Board

So, as promised, I made the jewelry board that I have been wanting to make, with a lot of help from my mom and some help from my dad while they were in town.
– fabric
– ribbon
– knobs (from Anthropologie)
– wall frame
– foam board
– glue gun
– saw
My mom helped my cut out the fabric and ribbon and staple/glue it to the foam board. I used the foam board to make sure it would be able to hold up the knobs and my necklaces.

all of the cute knobs I collected from Anthro

My mom and I fitted the board to the frame. We just threw away the glass since we wouldn’t need it. We did put in some nails to hold it in place, because the normal holders were too short. We poked holes through the fabric and board for the knobs.

My dad had to saw the back of the knobs off because the screw part was too long.

We screwed the knobs in, tightened them with bolts, and put the board into the frame.

Finished product! Now I just have to hang all of my jewelry on it 🙂

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  1. This turned out awesome. Now I have an excuse to buy those anthro knobs I always fall in love with.

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