Family in Utah and Uncle’s Wedding

My family came up to Utah a few weeks ago for spring break and for my Uncle’s wedding. It’s always really good to see them because they live in California and I don’t get to see them very much. Adam is the only one who couldn’t come because of work :(. They got up here on a Friday night, so I met them after work at City Creek and we ate at Cheesecake Factory. Yum! These are just a bunch of pictures of Taylor and I being funny.

Saturday, my Uncle got married. That was fun because I got to see a bunch of my cousins and everyone.

Taylor and I.

My family.

The newlyweds. They left on bikes…so cute.

They had heart shaped sparklers, which I also thought was so cute!

My dad and I the next day at church.


Watching movies after dinner with Lydia. We watched Life of Pi, and the girls were so funny because they would all scream whenever they Tiger or the Hyena would pop out! You can just tell she’s totally nervous.

The Potter girls…love them!

Shopping at City Creek later in the week with Taylor!

I’m so sad my family is gone! I wish they could come up more!

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