Fashion and Beauty Resolutions for 2013!

I decided to do these resolutions/goals separately, because they are a little bit different than my other ones. A little bit more frivolous if you will, but I’m still determined to keep them, because….I have been so lazy. It has been basically below 0 since the year started and I can’t deal with that. I even wore my workout clothes to work the other day and it wasn’t a Saturday. Today I am wearing leggings, Jake’s shirt, his beanie, and uggs…this has got to stop. I write a fashion blog. It’s embarrising. Except the problem is that I don’t find it embarrasing or pathetic. I think it’s comfortable. AHHHH I hate Utah and these freezing temperatures. The new says that it is supposed to be -13 degrees this week. No. Not ok. I’ve posted this before, but it’s all I can think about. I have bought many a sweatpant…even sweatpants and a sweatshirt that match!…in my day. The problem is wearing them in public or to work! GASP! I have broken every rule I could possibly break apparently. Shoot me. So I am going to try better.

Here are my fashion and beauty resolutions this year so I don’t look like such a bum anymore. Wish me luck:

1. DO MY HAIR! Ohmigosh I pay enough to get my hair done that I should actually do it. And the thing is that I love my hair. The girl who does it is amazing. I love the color, I love everything about it, so I should show it off. I’m just lazy. It’s a freaking miracle if I even do it on the weekends, so my goal is to do it at least 3 times during weekdays, whether it is blow-drying and curling or straightening it, or doing something cute like braids or up in a “do”. I’m doing to try really hard.

2. WEAR PANTS. I am the queen of leggings. So I mean like any kind of pants. I think it’s mostly a winter thing. I just like to be comfy…but I would like to start wearing cuter pants than jeans too.

3. LESS IMPULSE BUYING. I do this a lot. Which sometimes is ok and I end up with awesome things, but a lot of times results in a trip back to the mall for returns. Whoops. Gotta think about that a little bit more.

4. PAINT MY NAILS. You could nickname me “chip”. That’s what my nails always look like. I just need to take the time to keep them up and I have sooo many nail polish colors. Time to put them to use!

5. WEAR MY HEELS. I also have a lot of these that I need to use. No use in having them ifI don’t wear them. I have two probelms though…I love to buy them, but it snows here all the time so I just wear boots. I’ll just have to wear boots to work and change I guess?

6. DRESS UP MORE. I have a lot of clothes that I could do this with, I just need to not be lazy. I would also like to start wearing dresses more. This would help me with wanting to be comfy all the time.

7. SHAVE MORE. Sorry this is embarrassing and maybe a little gross. But I need to. I’m sure people at the gym are like for real big foot? Yeah it’s embarrassing too. Hey, I only wear pants in the winter…ok ok sweat pants.

8. USE THE MAKE-UP THAT I BUY. I get really excited to buy make-up and then a lot of times I just use the exact same products all of the time. I usually just do a very simple, natural-ish face, but I really like to buy fun stuff! So on the weekends, maybe I can start trying out that stuff.

9. Along the same lines, WEAR WHAT I HAVE. I have a lot of clothes that just sit in my closet so I need to try and mix them into my daily wear more. I don’t throw them out or give them away because I still really like them, but I forget to wear them.

10. STOP FREAKING OUT OVER MY FLAWS! I have to work on beating myself up. Some days I think I’m chubby and some days I’m the ugliest and some days I have zits all over! But really I’m pretty lucky and I just think it’s something that most girls do. So I have to work on my perception 🙂

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