The Checkered Louis Vuitton Craze!

I would think that this would remind me of nascar, which I wouldn’t like and would instantly think…hmmm white trash…but for some reason Louis Vuitton has the ability to make checkers look fashionable. I really like this for the most part. Not a big fan of the lime green style, but I do like the neutral colors. What are your feelings?!

Kristen Stewart rocks a Louis Vuitton Romper, if you will. I actually really like this look. LOVE the heels. Not to mention that her hair and makeup is amazing.Kristen-Stewart-in-checkered-Louis-Vuitton

Kirsten Dunst wears Louis Vuitton and it fits like a glove!

At first I did not like this, but from the back I think it’s gorgeous because it fits her so well. The more and more I look at it, the more I like it.Kirsten-Dunst-Louis-Vuitton

Miroslava Duma wears a cute Vuitton coat during Paris Fashion Week.miroslava duma louis vuitton

Jessica Alba at the Instyle Golden Globes after party wearing a checkered Louis Vuitton dress. I love this because it is actually sequined!Jessica-Alba-Warner-Bros-And-InStyle-Golden-Globe-Awards-After-Party-Louis-Vuitton-Checkered-Print-Dress-Spring-2013-Casadei-Pointed-Toe-Blade-Pumps--211x300

Miranda Kerr at the Louis Vuitton store opening in Cancun, wearing…Louis Vuitton of course.miranda-kerr-at-louis-vuitton-store-opening-cancun-ramey-9__oPt

Kerry Washington wearing Louis Vuitton during her Django Unchanged movie tour.

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