fashionABLE’s Beautiful Summer Accessories

Today I am very excited to tell you about a fantastic brand, fashionABLE, that is not only fashionable, but helps some amazing women in Ethiopia maintain employment and support their families, while breaking the cycle of poverty.

Barrett Ward founded Mocha Club in 2005 – a new generation of activists giving up the cost of a few mochas, or $9 a month, to fund relief and development projects in Africa []. A few years later, Barrett moved to Ethiopia for a year. While there, he ran across Women at Risk, a group that works with women exploited in the sex industry. After seeing their effectiveness and the dignity restored in these women, he learned that one of the biggest challenges to keeping these women off the streets is gainful employment. For this purpose, fashionABLE was conceived.

“I started fashionABLE after witnessing the number of young girls and women having to make awful choices to support themselves and their families. When I talked to these women, I found that they didn’t want charity; they wanted an opportunity and the dignity to stand on their own feet and earn their money. Solutions to poverty don’t lie in continuing to only do charity, we have to create jobs. At fashionABLE we want to teach people that the next wave of social entrepreneurship is not about starting a business to give charity to Africa, but starting a business to give opportunities to Africa. Weaving and leather are big traditions in Ethiopia. By working with products that Ethiopian women already have skill with producing, fashionABLE ensures the quality of the craftsmanship, manufacturing process and design aesthetic.”   – Barrett Ward

Please go here to read about some of the amazing women that work for the fashionABLE brand.

The fashionABLE brand makes beautiful handcrafted scarves, bracelets, and leather goods and has recently released three new products that I want to share with you today! One of my favorite things about fashionABLE is that each product is named after one of the women that works for them!

The Mehari Beach Blanket: Hand dyed and hand woven in Ethiopia. Perfect for a lazy day of reading inside or a picnic in the park!Mehari Beach BlanketMehari-Beach-Blanket_Natural-Strawberry_life1

The Mamuye Tote BagHand cut and hand-stitched leather, measures 16″ by 18″. Perfect for an everyday tote, beach bag, or school bag!Mamuye-Tote-Bag_Cognac_floorMamuye_leathertote4-4Mamuye-Tote-Bag_Cognac_Model3

The Teshome Bracelets100% Ethiopian leather, 5 different colors to add to any outfit!TESHOMEbraceletschocolatebrownorgblueTeshome_woods-695x1024

I hope you’ll all take a look at this brand and help support them! Do some good this summer while these accessories make you look good!

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