Favorites Lately – Kate Spade ‘Strike Your Fancy’ Bangle and more!

Kate Spade ‘Strike Your Fancy’ Bangle – katespade.com

Braids within braids…I like this idea.

Vince ‘V Neck’ Dress – revolveclothing.com

By Boe ‘Amazon’ Necklace – byboe.com

Frye ‘Dorado’ Riding Boot – nordstrom.com

Loft ‘Cotton Nautical Striped Sweater’ – loft.com

Do What You Love – been trying to work on this…:)

Gold Spike & Pave Diamond Bracelet (worn by Katy Perry!) – shop.stelladot.com

Open Bloom Top – anthropologie.com

Lucy Schwartz ‘Keep Me’ – Such a great song! Please listen! (She just came out with a whole album, also called ‘Keep Me’)

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