Favorites Lately – Christmas Edition

The Nativity Story – Every Christmas Eve we read it before we go to sleep.

Elf on a Shelf – I think this is such a cute idea. I might have to do it when I have kids to make sure they are good!

Elf – still one of the funniest movies ever.

Christmas shopping! We all know how much I love shopping in general, but I love the smells and wrappings. I like coming home and going shopping with my family. And I really like finding presents for other people.

The Holiday – I love this movie too. I love Christmas movies and I love the people in this. I would probably watch this when it’s not Christmas.

I didn’t get to see the lights this year, but I love the lights at the temple. So pretty.

Christmas Vacation – hilarious!

Christmas Nails – I just did mine in the glitter overcoat from Sephora, but I love the candy cane nails below as well. I need to get a steadier hand though.

The Nutcracker Ballet – I miss this so much! I danced in it every year growing up, and am still in love with it. My favorite ballet.

It’s a Wonderful Life – my family also watches this every Christmas Eve.

Ok…so I admit…I love this song…who doesn’t love to blast this and jump around on the couch or their bed while doing so?

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