Favorites Lately – Early November

1. Hot Chai Tea from Nordstrom Cafe…so tasty. I might have to get it everyday.

2. I love the number of mirrors on this wall. I would love to do something like this in a room.

3. I want to learn how to make this. You’re supposed to make it out of pages from an old book. But I think it would be cute to make a couple and then spray paint them different colors depending on what month/holiday you want to hang it up for. Gold would be cute.

4. Fun party shoes!

5. I like this little polka-dot ipad case from J.Crew…now just to get my ipad…

6. Also from j.crew…now to just get my iphone…yeah I still don’t have one. Geez, I have sprint and they just barely got them ok!

7. I really want to get some of these charms from Anthropologie. I want the K and a 3.

8. I want this outfit.

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