Find Your Happy Pace from Albion Fit

I think this is the cutest workout tank! I love the wording on it! It reminds me that working out/running should be for you and fun. Sometimes I get caught up thinking I need to get in shape and I get so frustrated, but if I try to remember it’s just for me and I do fun things to work out it’s so much better. I feel so much better about myself mentally and physically.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway on instagram (@kristinrosedavis) for your chance to win one of the two new arrivals that I am wearing! (Enter on the photo of me in the deep red hoodie and black leggings.)
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Tank – Albion Fit; Sweater – c/o Albion Fit; Leggings – c/o Albion Fit; Sports Bra – Albion Fit; Shoes – Nike; Water Bottle – Target.

Photos: Jessakae Photography

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