Five W’s

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I like this little poster. I think it’s good advice as you move ahead in life. I think sometimes this age is a little bit hard because you’re making a lot of decisions. Sometimes things get discouraging. I like where I am, and I’m starting to get a lot of things figured out, but I still have a lot of things to work on.
My favorite W is “WHO you are makes you special”. I think that society tries to get you to be one way, but be who you want to be! I love to turn up the music and sing at the top of my lungs like I’m the next Carrie Underwood…and if someone heard me I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t really care. Two years ago I would have died. Two years ago I never would have worn flower printed pants either, but hey why not? Maybe it will only be trendy this spring, but I think it’s so cute!
So take life one day at a time if you have to. Maybe today was crappy, but you know what? Tomorrow might be gorgeous! Try wearing the high waisted, bright pink shorts you would never have been caught dead in before, or say hi to the guy at the gym you’ve had your eye on…Go big and apply to the program you are considering, because you only live once, why not go for the things you’re dreaming about? Because “WHAT lies ahead is always a mystery. Do not be afraid to explore!”

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