Floral Prints from Titika Active and a Progress Update

Would you just look at this lattice back bra frpm Titika Active? Are you dying? Cuz I am. Titika Active has such creatively designed tops! I want all of them! And their clothing is incredibly soft! It’s perfect for working out in because it’s just so comfortable!

Currently I am starting my 9th week in my training program with Trainer Kelli and Level 212 Fitness. These photos were taken around 6 weeks or so. At this point I was having a really really…like really..hard time. I was starting to feel better about my cardio and I felt like I was getting stronger, but I just couldn’t see the results, so I was getting very frustrated with myself. My pants were getting tighter, which was not my goal! So if any of you have already started a program and gotten to this point, you probably know exactly how I feel. And for those of you who are going to start, just keep in mind, that I think for the most part we can use the phrase “it gets worse, before it gets better”.

However, I shared some of my progress pictures on my insta story last week (after 8 weeks) and I am finally starting to see changes! So just keep going! I can’t wait to show you some new pictures coming up when I get them back! The ones below I still feel a little bit soft and I’ve got a long ways to go, but I am excited to compare them!

Some of you have asked what kind of exercise I’m doing in my program. So a basic rundown of my week is something like this:
– Cardio 3 times a week for 20-25 minutes
– HIIT at least once, sometimes twice a week
– Strength at least 3 times a week, usually on the days that I do cardio.
(I tend to do 2 leg or lower body days and 1-2 upper body days)

I also started my meal plan last week so I am hoping to see even better results soon! Kelli is my online trainer and she keeps in touch with my every week to see how I am doing and writes me a personalized plan each week for food and exercise. It’s been so nice because I don’t have to plan specific times to go to the gym, but I still get the personal training. It’s 100% worth it for me! Check out the app here and keep following along with my progress on Instagram (@kristinrosedavis) and Snapchat (@krdavis33)

Sports Bra – c/o Titika Active; Leggings – Titika Active; Shoes – Nike (similar here)

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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