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Botox Frequently Asked Questions - Amara Day Spa

Hey guys! I showed you my experience getting botox at Amara Day Spa & Salon last week on my insta stories and told you I would do a post answering your questions! So here you go! If I missed anything feel free to message me below or on instagram! 

I feel like a lot of people don’t like to talk about getting Botox. I’m pretty transparent so you can ask me anything you want! I love it! I don’t get a ton (I’ll talk about my units later), but I just think it makes me feel better because I like the way it looks! I’m all about doing what you feel good about!

Keep in mind some of these are my personal opinions and experience, for example, when I answer questions about if I think that it hurts, and if I had any side effects. However, I did a lot of research and talked to the injectors at Amara to get a lot of the other information. I also linked a small video from Amara at the bottom of this post as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When did you start getting botox?
     A: I started getting botox last year at age 31.

Q: How early should you start getting botox?
     A: This is totally personal preference. A lot of people would say to start in your 20s
for prevention. Once you start to get the deeper lines and wrinkles it is harder to
get rid of them. But I would say an average age most people start getting it (and
when most of my friends started) would be in your early 30s.

Q: How many units of botox do you get?
     A: I started with 25 units. I have added a few more units since I started because I
wanted to do some around my eyes and crows feet.

Q: What areas do you get botox?
     A: I do my forehead and my 11s, which are the little lines in between your brows that
you can see if you scrunch your face into a mean face. I also get them around my
crows feet and I do one underneath my eyes on each side.

Q: How often do you have to get botox?
     A: Botox typically lasts about 3-4 months. For some it may last up to 6. As you continue to get botox over time, your underlying muscles will begin to shrink so you will continue to notice improvement, and possibly not have to get as many units. For example, you might get 4-5 units around your crows feet and over time you may only need 2-3.

Q: How long does it take to work?
     A: Botox takes about 2-7 days to “set in”. So, if you have an event that you want to
have it done before, I would make sure you do it at least a week before (possibly
longer for fillers…see the next set of questions). I would even suggest doing it a
few weeks before, in case you want anything touched up or corrected.

Q: How long is “recovery”? Is activity limited?
     A: Typically it’s about 24 hours. There’s not really actual recovery, but you may get a
little sore at the injection sites, but only for a very short time. Maybe an hour, but
it’s definitely gone after about 24 hours.
You may get little red marks or bumps sometimes at the injection sites, but for me
those only last for about 10-30 minutes and then its back to normal. The little red
marks look like when you get pinched and it goes away.
You aren’t supposed to work out for about 24 hours after you get it so that you give
the botox time to set. Exercise can make it metabolize too fast.
Also, try to keep your head up or propped for a few hours after injection. Just so
it doesn’t migrate away from the desired injection site and where you want it to
settle. So you probably don’t want to take a nap or do yoga for a couple hours.

Botox Frequently Asked Questions - Amara Day Spa

Q: What is Botox?
      A: Botox is an FDA approved neurotoxic protein, which is used medically to treat
certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily
paralyzing facial muscles. It is a natural occurring protein that causes the muscles
in your face to relax, which smoothes out your wrinkles.

Q: What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?
     A: Botox and Dysport are essentially the same thing, just a different brand name! Botox
has been around longer in the US. Dysport has been approved since 2009, although
it has been more common in Europe until recently. However, Dysport is a smaller
sized molecule so their units are different. That’s why sometimes people think
Dysport is cheaper, but it’s pretty much sixes since you have to get a lot more
units to have the same effect as Botox. They both need to be injected about every 3-
6 months and they have the same side effects. Here are some of the differences.
(However a lot of these are still being studied). Dysport may set in a little faster,
taking about 2-5 days rather than up to 7. Dysport also may wear off a little bit
faster as well. Dysport diffuses or spreads more, which is better in some parts of the face,
and not as great for others. Like I said earlier, you need more Dysport to get the
same results as Botox. Consult your injector as to which brand will work better for

Q: How are fillers different?
     A: Very briefly I will explain the differences…fillers and botox are very different
products. There are many kinds of fillers, the most common being Hyaluronic Acid.
They both work to paralyze the muscles to smooth lines, but typically fillers are
used on different lines. Fillers are used more for resting lines. Botox lasts about
3-4 months and is used more for lines where your muscles contract. Fillers come in
different “thicknesses” for different lines and can last 9-12 months. They fill in
deep lines when your muscles are at rest, like under your eyes or your smile lines.
They can also be used to change the shape of your face or areas, like adding to your
cheekbones, nose, or lips. You typically experience more bruising and swelling with fillers as well. I have never done fillers so I just got this info from my injector and it’s not personal experience.

Q: Are there any side effects to getting Botox?
     A: As with any medical procedure there are possible side effects. Most are short lived
and very mild, if you even get any. Plus, botox only lasts for 3-4 months so if all
else fails, you can get it corrected or it’s not a long waiting period for it to
wear off. The most common is mild bruising, swelling, or redness. I mentioned the
redness and bumps in a question above. I had some bruising underneath my eye the
first time I got botox in that area. There are a lot of blood vessels in that area
so it is fairly common and the bruises are small and do not last long. Some people
get headaches or muscle stiffness for about 24 hours, but thats usually the longest
it will last. Very rarely people will get flu like symptoms because it is a form of
botulism. In some cases, you could experience droopy eyelid (if the injector went to
deep or hit a nerve), but it will either wear off or your injector can add another
unit or two elsewhere to counteract this.

Q: How much does it cost?
     A: At Amara the units start at $11 and go up from there. Depending on where you live
and where you are getting it done I have seen them as low as $9 and as much as $20
per unit.

Botox Frequently Asked Questions - Amara Day Spa

Q: Did you get a consultation first?
     A: Yes, but I only went in about 20 minutes prior to my appointment to discuss the
areas I wanted to improve. I don’t know any reputable place that does not offer a
free consultation and you can do this at the time of your injection or prior.

Q: Does it totally freeze your face?
     A: Unless you go way overboard, it’s not going to freeze your face. I still have
movement, just a little bit less. I can still raise my brows and smile normally. It
just hides my lines a little!
When you see the celebrities that look swollen and plastic, thats usually from too
much filler, not botox. People often confuse the two.

Q: Does it hurt?
     A: To me, it just feels like a little pinch. The needle is tiny! I would describe it
more as discomfort than anything. I had a little soreness just from the needle for
maybe an hour or two.

Q: Do you have to do anything to prepare for botox?
     A: Nope! I don’t take ibuprofen or anything. Taking this can cause bruising later since
it’s a blood thiner. You don’t need to ice or numb. The injector will clean the area

Q: Who should you have do your injections?
     A: Make sure to get it done by a qualified medical professional! Don’t just go to the
cheapest place you can find! I get mine done by a nurse practitioner at Amara.

Botox Frequently Asked Questions - Amara Day Spa

Let me know if you guys have any more questions! You can also watch this short video from one of the injectors at Amara, which answers a few basic questions as well.

Also, my sweatshirt is from Lulu Lemon! (Had a few people ask about that as well!)

*Botox done at Amara Day Spa & Salon

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