frustration and an apology

This may not sound like what love is to most people. I don’t think this is love either, but it does sound a lot like a relationship. At least this is sort of what I am going through right now.
So I apologize for all of my depressing and pathetic posts lately. My blog has sort of become a place for me to get my frustrations and feelings out, because I feel like then I don’t have to burden people with it and if you read my blog you can just skip over the posts that seem boring you or don’t want to read 🙂
Anyway, relationships always start out so happy and fun, but anyone will tell you they take work. I also guarantee there are very few people that say they haven’t been through a point in a relationship that actually meant something where they haven’t ended up crying themselves to sleep one night and then smiling their faces off the next day. Relationships are hard. They come with making big decisions. They come with happiness and heartbreak. A great relationship makes it through the hard things, but they for sure are not perfect.
I guess I’m at the point where I’m trying to figure out what my relationship is right now. Hopefully it just makes me a stronger person in the end either way.

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