Future Plans for School

When I first started college I thought I was going to dental school. I’ve always been interested in sciences, especially health sciences. My dad is a dentist and my mom is a nurse. My Grandpa Davis is a dentist and my Grandpa Sharp is a surgeon. Quite a few of my other family members are also in the medical practice as well. Biology and Anatomy were strong classes for me and the most interesting ones I took. Naturally I assumed this is what I was going to do.
See, apparently since I was a baby I thought i was going to. 🙂

But…I went to college…started taking classes and decided medical over a dental (which I know isn’t that much different). I did go through a period of uncertainty, but I got to observe my Uncle Howard preforming surgeries, did some research on my own and have come to the conclusion that I definitely want to go into the nursing field. I will possibly go on to do more graduate work with that after, but for now I am focusing on getting that done.
Currently I am finishing my last pre-reqs and I will be putting in my applications in, in the next few months. I posted a blog about my applications and interviews last year, but I got wait listed for the classes that I needed so I had to defer my applications :(. Anyway, cross your fingers for my future plans please! Thank you all!

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