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Thought I would post this. I read it in Glamour Magazine a while ago, but I loved the answers. Some are just funny, but some actually make you think and are really good advice. Maybe we should start listening to those than know a lot more than us (the 99 year olds) or the innocent ones who haven’t been jaded yet (the 9 year olds).
Enjoy 🙂
Should you move for a boyfriend?
“If you had a boyfriend who moved away, I think you should probably go halfway between your home and his. To be close to your family and him. but visiting him and staying where you are is ok too.” – Mia Pollack, 9

What’s the best way to get over a breakup?
“Find somebody else you can enjoy! Have a diversion, a pastime, a project, do some volunteer work, something to keep your mind busy so that you’re not fretting about it.” – Catherine Schneider, 99

Should you date someone older or younger?
“I don’t think you should date someone older or younger than you ’cause then you don’t have as many connections. If you’re with someone your age, you have a lot more thanks to talk about.” – Rosalee Lachner, 9

How much does physical appearance matter?
“It matters to a certain degree, but he can’t help the way God made him. If he’s neat and clean and doesn’t have a big wad of gum in his mouth, that wouldn’t go against him for me. My husband didn’t have much hair, but he knew how to be generous and kind and gentle.” – Eirlys Poole, 99

How can I turn something casual into more?
“In a way, it’s out of your hands. A romance depends very much on circumstances. Developing a deep friendship with someone is a very good idea. Be available but try not to tie a person down until they want to be tied down by you. Having 11 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren, I’ve seen a great many romances develo, and in order for them to be real and lasting, it’s got to be something happening to both people.” – Esther Tuttle, 99

What movie gets it right about love?
“I think Letters to Juliet was kind of romantic. In the end they decided to get married or something. If someone writes you letters, you should meet them.” – Karla Blake, 9

Should a man pay on the first date?
“Yes, what else would he do? Ask her to go to dinner and then say, ‘You take the bill; I’ll leave the tip’? I don’t think there can be any other answer to that!” – Catherine Schneider, 99
“No, ‘Cause then he’ll think that you’re spoiled. You should volunteer.” – Erin Feiglin, 9

How do you know it’s love?
“I figured this out from my experience: It’s love if he blushes when you talk to him, and when you look at him, he won’t make eye contact.” – Rachel Katz, 9

My friend’s boyfriend is a jerk. Can I tell her?
“Say, ‘I know you really like your boyfriend, but you deserve a lot better, because I know you better than he does.’ But you don’t want to say it like, ‘I really hate your boyfriend!’ You want t say it nicely.” – Shannon Mulligan, 9

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