Glitter Fade Tutorial for your Nails

If you saw my Christmas post about Nail Art, you will know that I just did my nails like this for the holidays. I loved it! It’s fun and cute and festive, but I would wear this style all year long. It’s also very easy! 

The Beauty Department just posted this tutorial on how and I figured it would probably be better to pass this on than try and do one on my own! I did red and gold for Christmas, but you can basically do any colors you want and it looks great!

  1. Start with any polish color you want. We used black so you could really see how it’s done. Let it dry really well. You can even put a thin topcoat over it if you want so it doesn’t smudge when you add the glitter.
  2. Using your dense glitter polish and a super-thin art brush, lay down a line of glitter polish at the tip of the nail. (Or you can do the moons if you’d rather.)
  3. Using the thinnest art brush you can find, drag the glitter polish out carefully. You don’t need to drag too much of the glitter because you want it to fade to almost nothing. Only go about half the length of the nail.
  4. After you’ve dragged it out, go back in and lay down one more line of glitter polish at the tip to make it look more dense.

Add your topcoat right away. It helps the glitter lay flatter and settle better in my opinion. Get creative with color combos. I wonder if this would look good coming out from the sides if you have longer nails…? Don’t forget to tweet (@tbdofficial) or instagram (@thebeautydept) us a photo if you try it out! Good luck and happy holidays, friends! xo

*found at


*When I did my nails, we used the tiny loose glitter from a craft store. You do the same motions as described above with the brush and make sure to seal it with topcoat. Either way works great, but I personally think the loose glitter make it look a little bit more sparkly. 

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