Goals for May

So this month I have decided to get some things done in my life. I have had a lot going on the past few months and I feel like I just need to get a few things figured out. Then maybe the things I can’t exactly control will figure themselves out too or at least it will make things a little bit less stressful for me.

1. I am going to finish my nursing application. I am actually almost done with this, but I am going to complete everything and get my appointment set. (which I can’t have an until after June 20, but I want everything else done by the end of May).

2. I am going to figure out my finances. I tend to like to spend more than I save…so I am going to set up a little financial plan by the end of May so that I can try to “control” my money a little better.

3. So it’s bordering between spring and summer (although the weather is still acting like winter), but I’m finally going to do some Spring Cleaning. I just need to get rid of some things in my room.

So like I’ve admitted before on here, I like to read my horoscope. In Elle’s May edition the horoscope for Aries said,
“With five planets in Aries this month, you’ll be spunky, persuasive, and determined. On the 1st, when Mars, your guardian planet, meets with Jupiter, you can take the initiative to grasp a dream dear to you…
This month is about you and your desires, not fitting anyone else’s agenda”
Anyway, I don’t know about all that planet stuff, but I just like to read it. And maybe that extra affirmation, whether real or made up, might be just a little push I need to feel determined right now. So, that’s what I plan to do. Focus on the stuff that I need to get done. Also, I feel like if I write it down, then hopefully it will push help me get it done too. 🙂

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