Grammy’s 2012

Big Winner!!! My Love – Adele…I’m seriously obsessed with her. So happy she won so much! She is so cute and absolutely hilarious if you ever watch her interviews.

I thought she looked great. I loved the dress, makeup, and hair. She looked perfect.

Loved her performance dress too.

Kelly Osbourne
I almost put her on the best dressed list…but I have no idea what color her hair is supposed to be…or why it is that color. Katy Perry is one of the only people that can get away with that, and at least it’s a real color. I do LOVE this dres though.

Kelly Rowland
I think this dress is great too. And I love the “fro”. I really like the design on top of the dress. I just thought she could have been a little more fun for the Grammy’s.

Carrie Underwood
I really like this, but there is something about this that makes it look like she should be a snow queen or something, so I didn’t put it on my favorites. She looks gorgeous though.

Paris Hilton
This white dress makes a little bit more sense. I actually love this one, but something about her hair and face just didn’t make me want to put her on best dressed. It doesn’t look finished or something. The dress…perfect.

Julianne Hough
Not bad, not good…kind of interesting.

Ice and Cocoa
I actually think they look pretty good here. Most improved?
Usually they look kind of crazy. Cocoa actually is covered up for her, and looks slightly elegant.

I think this was interesting. I love the color and lace, but I don’t know why it wasn’t lined. And what’s with the granny panties? I get that she was trying to be a little crazy for the Grammy’s, but I’m just not so sure about it. Not the worst thing ever though. She can still pull it off…it’s Fergie.

The Band Perry
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times…TAME YOUR HAIR!, but I thought her dress for the performance was cool and totally fit her personality. (the guys…eh, I don’t really care about them lol)

Kate Beckinsale
I didn’t so much love her dress…it was sorta boring, but she is one of the most beautiful people on the planet and I think she looked flawless. Her hair and face were perfection.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
They looked great. They are so cute.

Worst Dressed
Adam Levine and Anne V
Adam looks ok…a little boring even, but for real? She wore that? It’s like up to her va-jay-jay. I know she’s a model, but I’m pretty sure she could have found a better dress. I hated it. It showed off her amazing legs, but it didn’t do much for the top…plus I think it showed WAY too much of her leg…and maybe a little more.

Nicki Minaj
Ok…usually I like her craziness because it mixes things up, but she just looks stupid. I kept waiting for her to take off the coat and have some kind of dress on, but no. And I HATED her performance. So weird.

Lady Gaga
Same here…A lot of times I like her ideas and it’s fun to see what she’s wearing, but this on has no story behind it. It’s just weird. Also, her face looks like it’s being pulled back by something.

Ummm…do I even have to explain this? It looks like she bought a men’s shirt from wal-mart, cut up a prom skirt, and put on the ugliest shoes she could find. This is the worst.

Best Dressed
Corinne Bailey Rae
I bed some people don’t like this, but I really do. And I really like her crazy hair too. It is so fun. And I LOVE her shoes. So since she had fun…I put her on this list.

Gwyneth Paltrow
I know this is so simple, but she looks so good. I love it.

Jessie J
The pictures don’t show how cool this dress looked when she was moving around in it, so I’m sure it was even better in person. I thought this looked really cool, and like I said, the Grammy’s gives people an excuse to be different. So I liked this. The only thing is that her bangs to look really fake.

Katy Perry
I loved this…even though her hair is blue. The Ellie Saab dress looks gorgeous. The detail is amazing. I love the train. Her face and makeup are amazing too.

ok…I didn’t put this on here for the outfit. Her song and performance were the best of the night. I am obsessed with it! Did you watch? If not…go find it!

Taylor Swift
I am in love with this dress. The detail is sooo amazing. I want to wear this so bad. Also, how come she never looks bad no matter what she wears?

She took a simple black dress and turned it in the the best dress of the night. It looks perfect. I absolutely love it. You can’t really see it in this picture, but she’s also wearing a necklace that goes down and the wraps around her back. I even like that she has roots. She looks so good right now. I love it.

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