Grizzlies and Karaoke

Two Saturdays ago a bunch of us went to the Grizzlies Hockey Game. I’ve never been to a hockey game before. It was actually quite entertaining.

John and I


Brit and I dancing

Cadence wanted to get on the big screen, so I told her she had to dance like crazy. The rest of the night that was our goal…Don’t worry, we made it 🙂

Jess and I apparently thought it was cool to match tonight.

The girls

After the game, we went over to Maggie Mcgee’s for Shuffleboard and Karaoke…my secret passion 🙂 haha.

I sang the ish out of Martina McBride and Brit and I dominated at Taylor Swift 🙂
(well that’s what I tell myself anyway)

Chad and I. Below is our handshake of him promising that he would actually sing for my bday.

Shuffleboard. Don’t worry that Brit and I dominated at this too. We took that boys down 🙂

Good friends. Good night.

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