Hair Tutorial – Side Braided Pony

Here is another alternative to a plain ponytail! It’s pretty easy, just follow these steps! (P.S. sorry about the pictures, my bathroom has the worst light and I hadn’t gotten ready for the day yet!)

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Step 1: Part your hair to one side. On the side you’re not going to do the braid, you can twist your hair back or leave plain. I decided to twist mine. I clipped it to save for later.

Step 2: Take a small amount of hair from where your part starts and begin to french braid your hair, in the direction of your ear. Make sure to pull your hair down (as shown in the next few pictures) so that it will lay flat to your head, gathering hair along the way.

Step 3: Continue to french braid until you are behind your ear, then stop gathering hair and do a regular braid down until your hair runs out. You can do it as tight or as loose as you want.

Step 4: Secure with a small (I like to use the little clear ones) elastic. Then I like to separate my braid a little it so it doesn’t pull so tight against my head. I just pull at the top a little.

Step 5: Next, pull the remaining hair into a pony tail. You can tease hair to make it more full or just leave it. This is when I take the clip out of the twist on the other side and add it to the ponytail.

Step 6: Now start to wrap the braid around your ponytail. This is why you want the braid to lay flat to your head, so it doesn’t stick out funny when you pull it back to meet your pony. I then secure it with a bobby pin or two to keep the ends from coming loose or poking out weird.

And here is your finished product! 

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