Happy Labor Day!

I usually always look forward to Labor Day weekend, because sometimes it feels like the last weekend of the summer and I always want to soak up as much summer as I can. Usually I go somewhere or have something planned, but this year I really didn’t do much. First of all, half of the weekend was cloudy and rainy…BOO! Well at least I had time to clean and catch up on tv I guess? Second, I’ve been sick so that’s not super fun either.

So at least today I got out of the house a little bit. Jake came up and we took Kale to Seven Peaks in the afternoon. That little kid is fearless. That’s him coming down at the very end on top of the slide.

So we spent the afternoon at Seven Peaks and then I went home to take a bath and watch a movie 🙂

Happy Labor Day Everyone!!! Hope you had a good one!

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