Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I wanted to dedicate a post to my mother today for Mother’s Day. My mom is an amazing person and has pretty much taught me most of the important things that I know. I love her so much and miss her all the time since I live far away now! 

Take a look at my gorgeous and stylish mom when she was younger! This first pic is one of her when she was closer to my age. I love her fabulous jacket!

Rosemary cheerleading at East High in Salt Lake City. 

On her wedding day (sorry I don’t have a picture of her dress…p.s. that’s my handsome daddy too)

Does she not have the best hair ever? I see that coming back in style soon…:)

My mom and dad…and that little chunk in the corner…yep that’s me.

My whole family, probably when I was about eleven I would guess. 

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thank you for birthing me and everything you’ve done since! I love you!

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