Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! My friend posted this and I thought I would pass this along!

You still need your mother….

I saw this in this months Glamour magazine – AND being a person that still needs my mom all the time I thought this was Mother’s Day appropriate. Enjoy!

1. When the love of your life gives you a diamond ring…..or meets someone else.

2. The moment you pee on a stick and it’s positive!

3. On the morning of your birthday when no one else is going to call until noon.

4. When someone gives you a complement so lavish you’d be too embarrassed to repeat it to anybody else.

5. When you find a lump – or she does.

6. When the kids you’re babysitting (or your own kids) won’t stop crying.

7. When you get your first pink-eye, food processor…. or mother-in-law.

8. When you need someone to assure you that 30 (or 40) is still really young.

9. When you need to know the exact shade to fix your under eye circles.

10. When the recipe calls for evaporated milk and you’re standing in the grocery store wondering, is that a powder? A liquid? A gas?

11. When you’ve swung up to the sky, and it doesn’t seem real until she applauds.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Love You!

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