Hawaii Post 2

Another busy, event filled day in Hawaii!
Tues HI 6Tues HI 12

We started out with a bike ride down our gorgeous bike path.
TU HI 3Tues HI 13

…and we ended at Ted’s Bakery. Sooo delicious. They have the yummiest pastries (I love the cinnamon rolls and malasadas) and the best pies ever. I tried to get my family to go here every morning.

Tues HI 2

Next stop…across the street to the beach!
Tues HI 19Tues HI 28

There were some rays right off the rocks. We watched them for a long time. My mom and dad got in the water and snorkeled with them, but I’m afraid of their stingers so…yeah I didn’t want to die like crocodile dundee or whatever. Tues HI 24

Taylor playing soccer on the beach!
Tues HI 29

Me and my bro
TU HI 10TU HI 17

TU HI 15

In the afternoon we went out to Kualoa Ranch for an ATV tour. It was gorgeous. The cliffs are absolutely incredible. There have been around 100 movies and tv shows filmed here so chances are you will recognize it…Lost, Jurassik Park, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, 50 First Dates…any of those ring a bell? It was pouring rain when we started, which was actually kind of fun…freezing, but fun. It cleared up about halfway through and the view was amazing. You will see more below.
Tues HI 42Tues HI 46Tues HI 57Tues HI 63Tues HI 67

Anyone remember this? This movie made me so scared when I was little..especially this part!
Tues HI 64Tues HI 58

TU HI 30This was one of my favorite views from the ride.
Tues HI 62My cute Dad, wearing MY Ray-Bans
Tues HI 70

See what I mean about the cliffs?
Tues HI 66Tues HI 65Tues HI 75TU HI 23

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