Hawaii Post 4

Still catching up on Hawaii!

Dinner our first night after getting to the airport. Bubba Gumps is a must! HI 2Just refueling at the Swap MeetHI 5HI 6HI 4

Shopping in Haleiwa
HI 12The beautiful bike path I ran on in the mornings and some more gorgeous scenery.
HI 28HI 16

Being goofs…
HI 29HI 32My Dad and I on the BYU Hawaii campus.
HI 41Tay and I enjoying Hawaii
HI 18HI 47HI 42

Just a beautiful little bike ride.HI 46HI 31HI 33HI 39

I found this little fellow in my room..cutest little guy I ever did see. Look how tiny he is.gecko2gecko5

The shrimp trucks are my favorite!HI 27HI 30

And this is dragon fruit…feels like your eating a kiwi but tastes way different. Tasty!fruit4

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