Heart of the Matter

Emily Giffin has a talent for showing people’s emotions in her books. She also has a way of making you think twice about something you thought you would be completely one-sided on.

I was a little bit torn on this book. The basic story line goes a little like this: Tess is married to a wonderful, kind plastic surgeon…Valerie is the single parent of Charlie, who is injured in an accident…insert plastic surgeon…He becomes Charlie’s doctor and grows closer and closer to him and Valerie, while his wife is at home with his own two children. Yeah, you can see it coming…will he? won’t he?

That’s why I’m not so sure about this book. It’s kind of like when movies are about cheating etc, some of them turn out to be good movies, but then at the same time their not ever really good because someone always gets hurts and you can’t support it.

So, this book does a good job of showing Tess and Valerie’s sides, but doesn’t really explain Nick’s (plastic surgeon). It is interesting to see all of the different feelings and emotions they go through, especially the brief glimpses we get of Nick’s. I never thought I would feel bad for the cheatee/cheater…

Anyway, read the book if this sounds interesting. I do like Emily Giffin and it is an easy, fast read. But, don’t if you don’t like the subject because it definitely made me feel angry and emotional at times.

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