Hey, it’s OK…

Hey, it’s OK…
…to be secretly bummed there aren’t paparazzi around to catch you on a Cute Outfit Day.
…to be obnoxiously smiley to the person who was rude to you, just to prove they can’t ruin your day.
…to recycle your shampoo bottle, junk mail, and Diet Coke cans, but never the same party outfit.
…if your hangbag cost more than your kitchen table!
….to eat the icing, leave the cupcake. Sorry, cake part.

…to pain right over your old nail polish.
…to think of Valentine’s Day two ways: a car company’s scheme when you’re single, and a night filled with real, satisfying romance when you’re not.
…to feel slightly nostalgic about dial-up, non-smartphones…and books.
…if you’re actually kind of impressed with the way Snooki’s pulled herself together lately.
…if in your book, dry cleaning means spritzing with Febreze.

…to not be the girl who uses expressions like “Amazeballs!” Really hard to pull off.
…to put on a lot of concealer and call it sleep.
…to want to be the one he never quite got over.
…to hope Beyonce isn’t going to lose all that baby weight in, like, a month. A year would e nice.

Umm, NOT OK…
…to heat up fish in the office microwave. Ever.
…to be mean to the intern. Thing called karma you might want to google.

*from Glamour Magazine

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