Hey, It’s OK…

…to check your luggage when traveling. Some of us have needs that can’t fit in an overhead bin.

…to be skeptical of guys who signs his emails “XO”.

…if you consider Chelsea Handler to be our greatest living philosopher.

…to commute in flats, only to get to work and change into…less comfortable flats.

…to think Pandora sometimes might be more in touch with your feelings than you are.

…to only be capable of karaoke-ing after midnight.

…if your version of a cleanse is just making it to brunch without a snack first. Yay!

…to think the “douche-bag jar’ on New Girl is the best prop since Gossip Girl‘s bow headband.

…to say “YOU’RE WELCOME” if you hold the door and the person doesn’t say thank you.

…to wish you could have whatever’s in Kate Middleton’s stocking. Hell, even just what’s in the toe.

…to see a blinking red light in the sky and still think, Rudolph?

…if quirky, ironic holiday sweaters look neither quirky or ironic on you.

…if your boyfriend thinks you don’t wear any makeup. Sweet, naive boy.

Um, Not OK…

… to eat other people’s food from the work fridge. That’s called stealing. From a hungry person! So rude!

…to bail on plans with a friend, then post photos of what you did instead. The rudeness!

These always crack me up so I just thought I’d pass some of my favorites on from the past few months.

*from Glamour Magazine

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