Hey it’s OK…

I got these from Glamour Magazine…I think they are so funny sometimes, because they tend to be very true…Just thought I’d post some funny ones.
Hey, it’s OK…
…to count holiday shopping as cardio. The more prezzies you buy, the better the workout!

…if you buy a healthy snack every afternoon – and then let it sit on your desk while you eat Swedish Fish instead.
…to wear your shades even when it’s cloudy outside. A little chic privacy, please.
…to eat snow, pollution be damned.
…if the winged eyeliner on your left eye isn’t quite as perfect as it is on your right eye.
…to want to crawl into the J.Crew catalog and live there.

…if your spin on the whole 2010 menswear thing involves raiding his closet and possibly not returning stuff.
…to love Frito pie. Chilo served on a bed of Fritos covered with cheese, Texas-elementary-school cafeteria style? It is ok.
…to be the woman who chips her fresh manicure just getting out of the salon parking lot. You’re keeping the ladies in business!
…to believe all mirrors are “fat” mirrors.
…to send out a holiday card with a picture of your super cute smiling, Santa-hat-wearing…pet. Absolutely you can be that girl. Own it.

…to count the tomato sauce on your pizza as a vegetable.
…to be deeply skeeved out by the “bathroom hole” in your Spanx.
…to keep the sexy lingerie you bought for your friend’s shower and get her another gift instead. We won’t tell!
…if the fact that he cries every time he watches Armageddon and only when he watches Armageddon – both cracks you up and pisses you off. What does Bruce Willis have that you don’t? What?!
…to have a hot pink notebook, a hot pink pen, and a hot pink laptop. Still totally profesh.

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  1. I love these "it's ok…" from Glamor articles, they are always funny and mostly true. And I did send a Christmas card with my dog on it, what else am I supposed to send back when I'm still single. Thanks americangreetings.com for making it easy and cheap for me to send them out.

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