Horoscope for March

“The sky pattern in March will be no less than breathtaking, with almost all planets in rare harmony. The full moon on the 8th will spotlight you talents as you finish a major work project, and a certain VIP will take notice. At the alignment of Jupiter and Pluto on the 12th, you’ll be in an enviable position to win a coveted career prize. But be sure to have all your biggest moves in motion, for Mercury will retrograde on the 12th until April 4th, so process could slow. The new moon on the 22nd brings more good news, as four plants in Aries give you rare control over nearly every part of your life. Your verve, courage, and drive will attract many admirers, personally and professionally, and a fierce need for autonomy and freedom will set you on a mission for edifying exploration. Once on this path you’ll know exactly in which direction to take the next chapter of your life.”

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