Hospital Update & Free People Floral Button Down

Ok…so update on what’s been going on with me since so many people have been like what is going on with you:

I went home from work last Tuesday night with aches and chills, thinking I just had a flu, but I started throwing up and it just kept going. I kept thinking every morning I would wake up and it would be better, like most flus right? But by Friday I knew it was pretty bad and I went in and the doctor thought I had viral gastroenteritis, which is not pleasant either and it’s just basically an awful stomach flu that he told me could last up to two weeks and I would need to go get fluids because I was dehydrated. When I didn’t hold down the anti-nausea prescriptions, I had to go to Urgent Care…where my heart rate was at about 140 and my blood pressure was below 70, which is BAD. They gave me two bags of fluids and sent me home.

So, Saturday morning, we finally just went to the ER because I woke up that morning still throwing up, with a worse fever, headache and everything, so my Mom and Grandpa were like it’s something else. They figured out that it was Pyelonephritis, which is a kidney infection, which is pretty bad. Every time I tell people they’re like o, that’s it. No…not a bladder infection, like all the way up in my kidneys. And when you’re kidneys stop working, so does the rest of your body. I was also still super super dehydrated. (Later my new good doctor told me I was pretty close to dying and it’s life-threatening, so it’s a good thing I came in when I did. I just thought I had a flu and I was going to wake up and feel better one morning.) So they put three more bags of fluids in me with morphone, and started me on some antibiotics. They did a bunch of swabs and blood tests etc. And then I had to do Potassium tests because I took so much fluid in that it threw all of that off balance.  And an oral form of antibiotic that more specifically was targeting the bacteria infection. The one in my IV was more of an overall one.

I went home and slept a lot and we had to come back Sunday morning because I had to do another round of the fluid and antibiotics. We had to go back to the ER on Monday to do the same thing and check on my testing, where we found out that the culture of bacteria came back and it was resisting the antibiotic they were giving me so I had to start all over on a new one! I got more fluid and antibiotics and switched to a new oral one because the other one wasn’t working. Since the other one wasn’t working, my kidneys weren’t working. And since they weren’t it wasn’t filtering out my pee and it was building up in my body and making me even more sick and bloated and I gained 11 pounds of water weight, which was all pressing on my stomach and lungs and hurting so bad. So they were trying to get it out and get the antibiotic working. It was awful. And I still was throwing up and having back pain and headaches this whole time.

So finally, my mom just took me back to Grandma’s and I basically slept for two days and it sort of started working, but then I started getting awful back and chest pains. I couldn’t even breathe. I was supposed to go back for labs to make sure everything was working and do a follow up on Thursday, but we switched it and went to the Doctor a day early. This time I made sure to get in with a good one and not the one who diagnosed me wrong. :/ He was super nice and way more helpful and caring. It’s incredible the difference your doctor makes. I seriously just wanted to cry after he came and talked to me because it relieved so much stress just having him tell me that it was normal for what happened to my body and that I could call him whenever. I didn’t feel like I was just passed over in 5 minutes because where were more patients. That’s how my nurse at the emergency room was too. He told me to ask for him every day so that he would know what was going on and he could help me better. It was so so nice. Anyway, It looks like these antibiotics are working and my infection is starting to go away, but he said I could not feel good for up to a month. He said I had a life-threatening disease and I need to be really careful and take things easy for a while. I had to go back to the hospital to get a potassium test to make sure I’m not taking too much. And I had to do chest x-rays because it was hurting so bad and I was having trouble breathing. The doctor said I could have maybe cracked a rib because I was throwing up so much or possibly aspirated throw-up or liquid into my lungs. Hopefully not either of those, but I don’t have the results back yet.

Anyway, I still don’t feel well, but at least I know it’s going to get better now. Thank you for all of your sweet texts, comments, and emails! You guys are the best readers and friends!

If you don’t follow my on snap chat (@krdavis33) here are some of the highlights. Feel free to make fun of me all you want!IMG_6137IMG_6122IMG_6123IMG_6126IMG_6168IMG_6133IMG_6164

And, now that I’ve probably totally grossed you all out, here is my outfit from when I was way cuter and not sick 🙂

I know, another Free People Dress, but I can’t help myself, they’re just the best and Nordstrom has a ton of summer styles on sale right now! (See below for some similar styles!)

Also, I’m obsessed with these ‘Candela’ Earrings from Joyiia Jewelry. They’re the fun kind that actually go behind your ear lobe for like a 3D effect. Anyway, I love the shape and style and you need to get some!

Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 14Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 5Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 9Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 6 Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 1Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 8Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 3Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 12Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 15Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 13Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 2Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 7Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 11Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 10Wild One Forever - Free People Cream Floral 4

Dress – Free People; Boots – Anthropologie (old – similar here and here); Earrings – c/o Joyiia Jewelry; Necklaces (short to long) – J.Crew; J.Crew; Gorjana.

Photos: Emmy Lowe Photo

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  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds terrible, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick. But it’s good that you are on the mend, get better soon!

  2. Oh my gosh! I hope you’re feeling better soon & I’m so glad you were able to finally get the correct diagnosis before it was too late! Rest up & take care of you! Thank you for the update!

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