How Old Are They?

What do Florence Welch, The Olsen Twins, Lady Gaga, Lauren Conrad and I have in common?

We’re all the same age!
Weird I know.
So I was reading in Glamour Magazine recently and came across a little thing about 25 year olds. And yes, for one more day that includes me. I thought it was interesting because some of them look so much older than they are (Florence and Lady Gaga) and some of them play high schoolers that are 10 years younger than they actually are.
So for your entertainment, here is a list of celebrities that are 25 as of 2011.
Florence Welch

Olsen Twins

Mischa Barton

Megan Fox

Lindsay Lohan

Leighton Meester

Lauren Conrad – she did turn 26 in Feb, but I figured it was close enough

Lady Gaga – her bday is the day after mine…so weird that I am older than Lady Gaga (by one day anyway)

Jessica Stroup

Heidi Montag

Amber Riley

Emmy Rossum

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