How to get Beautiful Skin

Sometimes it’s really hard to not just go to bed at the end of the day without washing your face and doing “your routine”. I figure if you’re going to brush your teeth, you have time for your face. That’s what everyone sees when they look at you! If I never had to worry about skin problems (whatever they may be) I would die a happy woman…but alas everyone’s got something…and if you don’t, I’m sure it’s because you already have a great routine. So here are tips from some fabulous beauty bloggers shared with Lucky Magazine mixed with a few of my own! Please comment and share yours as well! You never know what might work for people.

Get Totally Smooth Skin

Carolyn Hsu, from, gives these three tips.

1. Splurge on miracle foundation. She uses ‘Cle de Peau Beaute Refining Fluid Foundation’…not cheap, but she swears it makes her skin look radiant.

2. Use Retin-A! It turns over cells, cleanses pores, prevents lines and wrinkles, and minimizes scarring. She also said it helps with her “eye bags”.

3. Exfoliate! She uses vibradermabraision to take off dead skin cells.

I definitely like to exfoliate! It takes away all the left over yuck on your face and makes it glow! (see next section for this as well). I  use a Clarsonic Brush to do this and it works great for me! I also recommend Fresh ‘Sugar Face Polish’ as well. (Fresh has a polish for your lips, face, and body! I love them! See this post for more from Fresh!)Fresh Sugar Face PolishClarisonic Brush

Get a Healthy Glow

Ann Colville Somma, from, has two great ways to do this!

1. Exfoliate with baking soda. Mix it with a little water – it’s not too grainy or too light, and it’s cheap!

2. Vitamin C = glowing skin. She recommends Garnier ‘Skin Renew – Dark Spot Corrector’ to make your skin have an airbrushed look! (This is only $17 at most drugstores.)

I have tried the baking soda method and I totally love it. I highly recommend! I also like to get facials once a month if I have the time and money because I think the massage and peels leave your face bright and healthy looking. I recommend a Lactic Peel, because it definitely leaves my face brighter and younger! It’s my favorite peel! baking-sodafacial

Here are just a few more great products that promote a fabulous glow!

– Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare ‘ Alpha Beta Glow Pads’drdennisgross-glow-pads_300

– NARS ‘Monoi Body Glow II’nars-body-glow_300

– St. Tropez ‘Tanning Essentials Anti-Ageing Face’sttropez-anti-aging_300

Stay Hydrated

Grace Atwood,, shares her favorite products below. She says she has super dry, flaky skin, so she uses these everyday.

1. Josie Maran Argan Oil at

2. Zelens PHA+ Bio-Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads from

3. Dr. Jart + V7 Cleansing Foam at

4. Caudalie Vinexpert Firming Serum at

I can’t stress enough to DRINK WATER! It sounds obvious, but drinking enough water everyday keeps your body hydrated, but also your skin. It can also help reduce dark circles under your eyes as well! I totally agree with her about the ‘Josie Maran Argan Oil‘. I’ve posted about this before (here), but I seriously love it. You can use it anywhere on your body or for your hair also. I recently started using ‘Josie Maran’s Argan Daily Moistuirzer’ as well. I put it on every night before I go to bed and in the morning. It has SPF, which you need everyday, and it’s ultra-hydrating. For sure my favorite face lotion. If you are prone to oily skin, argan oil and this lotion is still great. You can use it just once a day, but your skin needs oil in it. Using tons of cleansing methods sometimes takes too much of the skin’s normal oil out so your body reacts and produces more. Giving it the little bit of oil everyday will reduce your skin breaking out.Josie Maran Argan OilJosie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizersafe-bottled-drinking-water

Get Perfect Pores

Eileen Dautruche,, recommends using a Clarisonic Cleansing Brush (see above) and ‘Biore Combination Skin Skin Balancing Cleanser’. She uses it morning and night to clean deep into pores. It leaves your skin refreshed and results in fewer breakouts!

I use a gentle cleanser everyday followed by astringent. I have been trying a few different kinds to decide on my favorite, but it really just depends on how strong of one you need. I also use Clear Cell medicated acne lotion by Image Skin Care when I need to and do a mask once to twice a week. I’ve been using Image Skin Care line for this as well, which was recommended by the lady I go to for my facials and it’s a miracle worker! (Also see the mask recommened below..I recently tried this as well and I love it so much!

Stop Breakouts

Elizabeth Monson, from, has one big recomendation.

DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE! This is one of the easiest ways to clog your pores. She recommends Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask (at or This is the mask I was referring to above!Fresh Umbrian Clay MaskHave you ever wondered why you break out when you’re sick? This happens to me every time I get sick and I’ve been sick for like the past 5 weeks! It’s driving me nuts! When you are sick your immune system is down. Your immune system is what fights off bacteria, which is exactly what acne is…bacteria. So if you can tell you are getting sick, you may have to add a few extras to your routine or just make sure you’re being extra careful! Here is a great routine I got from Lucky Magazine as well for helping fight off breakouts!

1. Wipes – these will exfoliate physically and with a salicylic acid. Try ‘Yes to Tomatoes – Blemish Clearing Facial Towelette’. $8 at and Target stores!

2. A dual-formula leave on lotion, like ‘Mybody – Obliterate 2-in-1 Extreme Refining Solution’, $90 at This will kill bacteria, unclog pores, smooth, perfect, and doesn’t irritate your skin!

3. If a breakout does pop up, even with these great tips, try using the ‘Fresh – Umbrian Clay Face Treatment’ from above. $48 at and Seriously this stuff is the best. Spot treat the area and watch the bacteria killer work!

*ideas from Lucky Magazine and their favorite beauty bloggers, plus my own tips!

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