How to Wear Burgundy Lipstick this Fall

One of my favorite beauty trends this fall is burgundy lipstick. It’s dramatic, it’s edgy, it’s a head turner. It’s a little bit tricky because I feel like it can look amazing or disastrous. Luckily I found some great tips from Lucky Magazine (mixed with a few I have found out through trial and error) to help you pull it off!ft_3455e4bde31ad8f1d8469a73dcfdf4b9

1. First, find the right shade for you. If you have darker skin you can go with a richer shade, closer to plum. If you have light skin, you want to stick to a more red color (otherwise you might look a little too goth, unless that’s what you were going for.)

2. You cannot make mistakes putting it on. With a dark color, it’s going to look really funny if you get it outside of your lips. You can do two things to help with this…

– Use a lip pencil. Yeah, I know this is really 90’s, but it will help and you won’t notice it once you get the color on and blended together.

– Use a lip brush. It will give you a lot more control. Especially if you have small lips and the stick is bigger than the space you’re drawing on.

3. Don’t wear heavy eye make-up. It’s too much with a dark lip too.

4. Make sure your lips are moisturized. Most lipstick looks bad if your lips are cracking, but it looks worse with a dark lip. 

5. If you wear a primer, or even just chapstick, it helps the color last longer and not fade. I’ve noticed that sometimes mine starts to fade in the middle and give me the lipliner look so you definitely don’t want that!

I hope these help! Now you just have to decide what to wear! A simple outfit that will show off the lip or a fantastic ensemble with the lip as a finishing touch?

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