I’ll Walk Alone

I recently finished I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark. I'll Walk AloneIf you have ever read her books, they are kind of typical, but something makes me like them. I love mysteries and I read them so fast so I think that is why I liked this.

Her books are all very similar. There is a well educated, well dressed, successful woman as the main character/target for every story. There’s usually an aloof police man who is never the one to solve the case; someone who has won the lottery that makes themselves part of the story (usually…which I think this is funny…how many people can win the lottery. I do think some of these characters have been used in multiple books, but really how many crimes can they solve just because they won?…so it’s not realistic, but I still like it.); usually some older lady who decides that she is a detective and snoops around to find clues; and half the time there is a religious figure like a priest involed. The murderer or “bad guy” is always not who you would expect, although I have gotten pretty good at guessing who it is now!

I’m making her books sound completely predictable, but I still love them! They aren’t always predictable in the end and they usually have different plots at least. They’re just really fast fun reads and you want to keep going to find out what happens. Mary Higgins Clark definitely leaves you hanging at the end of her chapters so you can’t stop reading.

Anyway, this one is about a successful interior designer, whose son has been missing for two years. New evidence turns up pointing the finger at her, so she has to prove her innocence and try to find her son and who is framing her. It’s good. Read it at the pool or something this summer or when you’re stuck inside because of a storm!

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