I’ve decided.

Chuck Bass is my city boyfriend and Blake Shelton is my country boy.

I think I will always be in love with Chuck. He’s cocky and arrogant, yes…but come on, what girl doesn’t fall for a guy like that every now and again. You want your guy to be a little bit like that right? But he’s so cute to Blair when they’re in love. And what girl doesn’t want a guy to be completely in love with them and go after them the way he is lately. (Ahh this show is frustrating me so much ps!)

But then there is Blake…move over Miranda Lambert…I’m gonna steal him! I love his voice, I love that he’s country, and he’s so hot! Also he seems super funny. He was on Chelsey Lately talking about “The Voice” (which by the way I’ve been loving!) and he was cracking me up. He just seems like a real man. Not the guy who is going to want to help you decorate the house…he’d want to build the house. Ha. Anyway, I’ve already secretly wanted a cowboy. So Blake, you get to be my new bf. Sound good to you? Great.

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