Jan. Photoaday – Week One

So I’ve been obsessed with Instagram since I got my iphone. It’s so fun. I’ve been doing this “Photoaday” thing, but I missed the first couple days of the month and started on the 8th. I thought it would be fun to post them on my blog as well.

Day 8 – Sunday Jan 8 – My Sky
(yes I posted this last night, but this is the one I used and the days just happened to match up perfectly)

Day 9 – Monday Jan 9 – Daily Routine
I only have this picture because of the collage app that I used, but I posted my workout shoes, SVU (love that show), traffic/commute, and the desk at work.

Day 10 – Tuesday Jan 10 – Childhood
These are some of my dancing pictures from when I was around three. I dancing for 18 years. I miss it so much!

Day 11 – Wednesday Jan 11 – Where you sleep
My comfy blanket in front of my tv 🙂

Day 12 – Thursday Jan 12 – Close-up
Just me being goofy on NYE

Day 13 – Friday Jan 13 – In Your Bag
Glamour, School Stuff, sunglasses, wallet, keys, camera, redbox, gum, hair stuff, lotion, crystal light, chapstick, an orange, some dollars…

Day 14 – Saturday Jan 14 – Something You’re Reading
I don’t have a picture of this either, but it was of “The Tiger’s Wife”, my magazines (Lucky, Elle, Style Watch, Glamour), and my textbooks.

Day 15 – Sunday Jan 15 – Happiness
Friends, Vacations, Kale, Carnivals, Parties, Boating,

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