Janelle’s Mini-Bachelorette Party

One of my best and oldest (by oldest, I mean the length of time I have known her) was getting married last weekend, most of the girls from the dorms and a few others were able to finally get together! Heather and I came down to my hometown of Redlands, CA, (because that is where Janelle is from too!) and met up with everyone on Friday night for a small “mini-bachelorette” for Janelle!

We just went to BJ’s for dinner, dessert, and gifts. It was one of Janelle and I’s favorite places to go in high school and we love the pazooki there! Plus, none of us had been able to get together for a shower or gifts before this, so we thought we had to at least do something!

Here are the ones who could make dinner! Janelle, Brooke, Holly, me, and Heather.

just opening some fun surprises…:)

Apparently coral was a popular choice.

What I Wore: Necklace – Anthropologie; Tank – Forever21; Skirt – Ann Taylor; Shoes – Steve Madden.

My BFF: Janelle Foster…soon to be Mrs. Janelle Hair. (well I guess she is now) We’ve been great friends since we were in Elementary School all the way up to going to College together until now. I love her to death! So happy for her!!!

Also, I decided to throw in this random photo, because my brother was cracking me up at home…

Apparently this gun is real…I thought it looked fake. It was so heavy!

Kristin: I don’t know what to do with it.

Adam: What are you doing? Kristin, hold it like you wanna kill someone! Give it to me, I’ll show you.

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