Jessica’s Bachelorette Party

We threw our friend, Jessica Terry (now Jessica Hadfield) a little bachelorette party last week at Buffalo Wild Wings. Now some of you might be thinking…hmmm…wings? for a girls night? Well, see…Jessica LOVES wings. And so does the little baby growing in her tummy 🙂 She found out she was having a baby exactly one month after her and Andy got engaged. Her daughter Cadence (see my previous post about the hockey game) is sooo excited to be a big sister.
So 9 of us girls went down and grabbed a table right in the middle of all of the boys and their tvs…set up our balloons…got out the tiara…and of course, the penis straws. Gotta love it right? The little kids at the table behind us were asking their mom if they would have “cool” straws too…whoopsie.

Soon to be bride.

Afterwards, we went back to Janell’s house for some low key girly fun. We did presents, “advice” cards, penis cake, and of course…”Pin the Junk on the Hunk”. I couldn’t exactly post a picture of the “junk” without being thought of as wildly inappropriate, but you can kind of see our hunk over there on the wall 🙂 (see below)

Virgin Cocktails 🙂 don’t worry, we don’t get too crazy up in here. Plus there’s a baby in there 🙂

Giant ring decorations…hmmm why not?

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