Karei Beauty Lash Serum

Today I want to introduce you to a new Lash Serum from Karei…and get this it’s natural! It doesn’t use any of the harsh chemicals like most of the well known brands do! It’s also half the price compared to a lot of the main brands as well! Scroll below to find out more about it and get an extra discount code!

Karei is a company that is managed by the parent company, Eat That Frog.  Eat That Frog was started about 1 year ago as a means to provide for the owner’s mother who had gone through a divorce a few years prior and was in a tough financial situation.  They are a product business that aims at finding the best products on the market that aren’t quite meeting our standards (and therefor the needs of the customers), improving on those products, and then bringing a better version to the market.
Karei looked at Eyelash Growth Serum’s currently on the market realized a few things.
1 – Many of the products were ineffective
2 – Those that were effective were causing severe eye irritation (puffiness, itchiness, discolored eyelids)
3 – The most extreme were even discoloring peoples iris!
4 – The effective ones were general priced at $60-100 and had harsh chemicals that could be harmful
So they started looking for a more natural way to bring an eyelash growth serum to market and found a supplier who was willing to use natural ingredients, avoid harsh chemicals, and source all of the ingredients ethically and in a sustainable way. Thus Luxury Lash by Karei was born. Even though many brands price theirs at the market premium, Karei wanted it to be more accessible and felt that charging $80-100 was too much.  Karei offers a natural growth serum at $40 and have a 100% results backed guarantee (if you don’t get results after 6 weeks of daily use, they will give you 100% of your money back). Additionally they recognize that sometimes people react differently to different lotions, soaps, and makeup – and even though they use natural ingredients, someone might be allergic or have an adverse reaction.  Because of this, if you have an allergic reaction to the product they will also guarantee a full refund!
I have been using the product for a little over 4 weeks and I have loved my results so far. As many of you know I do wear lash extensions. This isn’t a problem either! Karei helps strengthen your natural lash, which in turn helps my extensions stay on better. I plan to continue using the serum to see even more results!

You can get an extra 15% off at checkout with code: KDavis15

Use this link to purchase, as this goes directly through the Eat the Frog retailer! BUY HERE!
(One thing to be careful on Amazon is fake sellers! By clicking through any of the links on this post, you can be sure to be directed to the correct product page!)

Wild One Forever - Karei Lash Serum 6Wild One Forever - Karei Lash Serum 6Karei Beauty Lash Serum Karei Beauty Lash Serum Karei Beauty Lash Serum Karei Beauty Lash SerumKarei Beauty Lash SerumKarei Beauty Lash Serum

You can buy the product HERE!

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