Kristin, through the years

I thought that posting some pictures of me growing up would be a good way to show where I came from and the culture that I grew up in. Plus, it will help you all get to know me a little bit 🙂
This is me at 1 yrs old.

My tooth fairy costume as a little girl. Think that my dad being a dentist influenced that at all?

I have danced since I was three years old. I love and miss dancing so much now! I would continue to do it if I had more time.
This photo is from my first Nutcracker. I was an orange bon bon. I danced in the Nutcracker from age 3 until I was 17. I think I was in almost every single dance at some point, from the bon bon, to candy canes, spanish dancer, reed flutes, Clara, snow queen, and The Sugar Plum Fairy. I love the Nutcracker so much. I hope I have a little girl that wants to dance one day.

Every year, during the summer, we go up to my grandparent’s cabin up Weber Canyon. This is my grandpa, mom, brother (Adam) and I getting the horses ready to ride.

Adam and I for Halloween.

Every year we would make a couple trips to Lake Powell also. I think this had to be pretty early in the year since I’m wearing a wet suit. Give me water and sun any day!

The first day of second grade with my broken arm. The only bone I’ve ever broken. (knock on wood haha)

My mom at I at my fifth grade graduation. I got the scholastic achievement award. I think my name is still on a plaque in the principle’s office at Mariposa Elementary School, in Redlands, California.

Here is another Nutcracker photo…post show. I was Clara this year and my grandparents came down from Utah (they did almost every year to watch me). They gave me a huge bunch of roses, which are my favorite flower and my middle name. (Down in the corner is my little brother, Taylor.)

My family, in Utah for Christmas at my grandparent’s house.

Skip ahead a few years…I think this is a vacation photo from Hawaii, when I was in high school.

Another family photo…don’t mind my super cute necklace and braces…yeah I had braces twice. But this time was only for about 10 months and at least they were clear right? Ha I’m glad now.

Nutcracker – age 15. Dew Drop Fairy from the Waltz of the Flowers.

My main sport in high school was water polo. I played Varsity for three years and was number 3. I also ran cross country and swam.

My senior year – CIF Finals at Long Beach.

Graduation from Redlands High School.
with one of my best friends Jenn Barich.

With my parents and Grandpa Davis at Graduation.


One of my senior photos.
Homecoming Queen.

And now…with my family this Christmas.
It’s weird how things change, but totally stay the same…
Pretty sure I have the same face as when I was in my little ballet outfit at three years old. Haha.

So…there is a little about me and where I came from.

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