Kristin’s Photoaday – Middle of October

Our booth at the bridal expo for Double Tree Carriage!

so true…

a great day for tennis

fun details to keep lil’ stink busy at the expo

Photobooth fun 🙂

Hiking in Pleasant Grove


Playing at the Park.

love this 🙂

Haunted Forest! Scary Scary for Brit’s birthday!!!

Tailgating with “the hooper” at the BYU game.

Buffalo Wild Wings


Life lesson…don’t wear your cute boots four wheeling…whoopsie. #farmlife

Engage in what? Why is it that expensive cars always have the dumbest license plates? # annoying.

Go Tigers! Playoffs!

Sometimes it’s really hard to decide what to wear when both of your teams are playing at the same time…but both won! Yay!

*instagram @kristinrosedavis

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